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Re: For Laurel-American history

>I am looking at a picture in my encyclopedia that shows clearly Ohio,
>Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the tip of Minnesota as part of
>the  Northwest Territory governed by the Ordinance of 1787.

The same is shown in several maps available online:

>     Yes, the story of Louisa St. Clair was printed also in Saint-Clairs of
>the Isles which references the St. Clair papers.  St. Clairs of the Isles
>was published in 1898 and quoted sources older and perhaps written soon
>after General St. Clair's death in  1818.  The point is, not a whole lot of
>time transpired between the events and the recording of Louisa's exploits.

Richard Huseth also found a version in Historic Events in the Tuscarawas
and Muskingum Valleys, and in other portions of The State of Ohio edited
by Charles Howell Mitchener, 1876:

>So hopefully the story is fairly true and hasn't had centuries to embellish
>it.  It is possible that the story will appear in a future Yours Aye??
>    Also, as you pointed out, there are so many places and things named
>after him which speaks loudly of his popularity and respect by the populace.
>An article on that website sheds new light on the political events that were
>going on during probably the first Congressional investigation held.  It was
>a testing of the roles the Legislative and Presidency would assume.
>     St. Clair's army against the Indian nations was a miserable mix.   So
>many desertions, so much sickness and lack of supplies and weapons that many
>of the men that survived the march to near Ft. Wayne, IN, could hardly stand
>up.  And St. Clair was so sick with gout, that they were carrying him.  Not

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

This is all true.  And he was up against the smartest and most organized
Indian chiefs before Tecumseh; the very people Tecumseh learned from:

On the other hand, a good general knows how to muster his men
and to pick his fights.


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