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Re: For Laurel-American history

I am looking at a picture in my encyclopedia that shows clearly Ohio,
Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the tip of Minnesota as part of
the  Northwest Territory governed by the Ordinance of 1787.
     Yes, the story of Louisa St. Clair was printed also in Saint-Clairs of
the Isles which references the St. Clair papers.  St. Clairs of the Isles
was published in 1898 and quoted sources older and perhaps written soon
after General St. Clair's death in  1818.  The point is, not a whole lot of
time transpired between the events and the recording of Louisa's exploits.
So hopefully the story is fairly true and hasn't had centuries to embellish
it.  It is possible that the story will appear in a future Yours Aye??

    Also, as you pointed out, there are so many places and things named
after him which speaks loudly of his popularity and respect by the populace.
An article on that website sheds new light on the political events that were
going on during probably the first Congressional investigation held.  It was
a testing of the roles the Legislative and Presidency would assume.
     St. Clair's army against the Indian nations was a miserable mix.   So
many desertions, so much sickness and lack of supplies and weapons that many
of the men that survived the march to near Ft. Wayne, IN, could hardly stand
up.  And St. Clair was so sick with gout, that they were carrying him.  Not
a good omen.

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> Thank you Laurel for the history symposium. (I'm smiling) Would you
> believe, the point is not really made to the school children that the
> United States didn't begin until after the war ended which is well after
> 1776.  I have seen several articles and another web site promulgated by
> the state of Pennsylvania (for you Ian (grin)) on Arthur St. Clair. He

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