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For Laurel-American history

Thank you Laurel for the history symposium. (I'm smiling) Would you
believe, the point is not really made to the school children that the
United States didn't begin until after the war ended which is well after
1776.  I have seen several articles and another web site promulgated by
the state of Pennsylvania (for you Ian (grin)) on Arthur St. Clair. He
was taken to task, obviously for losing 200 men and guns, but was
allowed to keep his territorial governorship. By looking at the number
of St. Clair/Sinclair surnames in that North West Territory, the
gentleman did an outstanding job of furthering the Sinclairs in that
part of the US. I think I put in an earlier post, that he had a daughter
who was sought after by an indian chief (whose name escapes me).
General St. Clair denied his suit. It is somewhere in the archives, back
when I first came on here.  I also rashly said that Ohio was part of the
NW Territory, and was taken to task for that.

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