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Cultural differences

Mr. bin Laden is purported to have said that the Americans have been
where they should not have been and done what tey should not have done.
That is to say, we have with our great big feet, put them on ground that
according to Mr. bin Laden should have only been for Moslem feet. We
have also said and done things to, with, about people of the moslem
faith that is completely counter to their culture. It is too bad we
don't know exactly what we have done. Yes, we take quite an interest in
Israel-Palestine problems. We side with the Jews in this, seemingly.
Considering the large Jewish population in the US, there has been much
said and done in that area to assist in that idea. The US has also
attempted to bring accord between two cultures that have been fighting
each other much longer than the opening of Palestine to a Jewish
Homeland ideal. Maybe we lack the thoughts to form the words. Maybe we
do not understand from whence the Moslems 'are coming'. Maybe they do
not wish to hear our attempts. That we have defiled their special
places? Perhaps? Did we understand that they were special and that as
non-moslems these were to stay beyond our experience?  Maybe our big
curiosity of all that is in the world got the better of us and we in our
stupidity and ignorance did indeed defile something they hold sacred. Is
there a way back? Obviously, Mr. bin Laden feels there is not. Is he
truly speaking as voice of all Moslems - who is to say?  Are other
Moslems too polite to say what is really in their minds?  Many questions
and no answers. Sally

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