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Re: Cultural differences

Hi Sally,

With all respect, but I don't think that Bin Laden is
a true moslem. Personnally, I know many moslems who
are against Bin Laden and the other terrorists. No
where in the koran, it's written that you should kill
people to reach the heaven.
You can also say Hitler was a member of the christian
So please don't talk about "we" and "they".

Best regards,

Jean de St. Sigeron

--- Sally Spangler <esdemio@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> Mr. bin Laden is purported to have said that the
> Americans have been
> where they should not have been and done what tey
> should not have done.
> That is to say, we have with our great big feet, put
> them on ground that
> according to Mr. bin Laden should have only been for
> Moslem feet. We
> have also said and done things to, with, about
> people of the moslem
> faith that is completely counter to their culture.
> It is too bad we

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