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Articles on William Wayne Sinclair

Good Morning to you all - William Sinclair's name first popped up on the
TV news as the man who followed a voice and got out of the fire that
threatened him. Then silence. Then a piece in the Washington Post
Newspaper some days later. That had a picture of him, not too clear, but
it surely showed a man who has the attributes of my Sinclairs. And again
and the part about the voice who told him to come to the voice to get
out. The next is on the Today TV program on NBC every day. The Today
show managed to find the man who was the voice and brought the men
together for an interview. Needless to say, Mr. Sinclair is still
bandaged with the flesh color sleeves covering his arms. He is still not
'chipper' but very glad to be alive. I will try to make of copy of the
newpaper article from the archive of papers at the library and scan and
send it. Sally

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