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RE: response to terrorism;

There is no single solution.
There are just too many variables in play to make a blanket statement
One can only make a best guess on how to fight terrorism.

Whatever the solution is?
It requires careful consideration, a brilliant design, meticulous planning,
precise execution,
and even then one still has to hope the goals are achieved.
Whether by violent or non-violent means; our destiny is determined by our
our actions are inputs into the problem, the inputs change the position of
the problem, we grapple with something that  continually changes.
Attacking terrorism is much like trying to control;
city crime, the economy, unemployment, aids etc...

Achieving these things is very difficult; nearly impossible!
But, it does not dissuade us from trying!
We do it, for the betterment of the people.
These things are no easy tasks, and multi-prong approaches and argument and
debate ensues on these common topics everyday.
The same debate will occur on fighting terrorism.

I respect the opinion each of you has.
I may not agree exactly, but that's okay!
But do you think the answer is simply plan A, plan B or plan C?
It is an intrinsically difficult problem.  
My mind is not qualified to suggest an answer.


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Dear Steve & Connie Sinclair - Cordis:
Your specific proposed solution?

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