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Re: Thoughts on Terrorists

Dear Sally,
   Thank you for saying my thought's. I to wonder why the Press knows
all-tells all. We are very busy telling them our weakness', and that we are
scared. We all have the same God watching over our United States that our
forefathers had so long ago. It has been said we should bring back prayer to
school. What is wrong in having a time to pray ( to who ever you believe )
We must continue to care for one another.
Yours Aye,
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> I've been watching the MS-NBC news this morning. Lots on terrorists and
> terrorism. So, what do I think makes a terrorist. A terrorist is angry,
> so angry that the only thing thought of is how to get back at the
> person/organization that has made him angry. For those of you in the UK
> - the exchanges between one kind of Irishman and the other over the

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