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Thoughts on Terrorists

I've been watching the MS-NBC news this morning. Lots on terrorists and
terrorism. So, what do I think makes a terrorist. A terrorist is angry,
so angry that the only thing thought of is how to get back at the
person/organization that has made him angry. For those of you in the UK
- the exchanges between one kind of Irishman and the other over the
centuries. The "skinheads" and "KKK" each of these known groups are
angry. They perceive that the opposition has done something to them or
their way of life. They want to return to 'their way of life'. In their
devious thinking and plotting, anything to hurt and destroy the
opposition is permissible. After all the opposition has hurt them
immeasurably. Meanwhile the opposition stands wondering what will happen
next. Protect ourselves as best we can. Try to think through what may be
then next target to produce pain and destruction. So we cannot give way
to panic and fear - which I see and hear in abundance. Yes there is much
to fear. But the unknown is what we fear. The terrorist is succeeding
admirably!  WE ARE AFRAID - visibly!!!!
First thing I would suggest - is shut up wild talk and actions. Put some
sort of censorship on the media on just the same things that were
censured in WWII.  Let all of us join together in a united thought and
action to show our common bond of humanity. Yes there are places we can
be hurt, and if you think about them, not out loud, places that would
cause distruption of our lives and safety. We need to be united, not
only Sinclairs but all of us, whomever we see and interact with daily,
weekly, whenever!
Across the world - UNITED we Stand!!  Am I afraid?  You can bet your
bottom dollar!  Can whatever happen to me? yes, I think it can. I can
only protect myself so much, worry so much. After that - so it happens,
I'll deal with it to the best of my ability.  Sally in the real ground
zero - just outside of Washington, DC - still within the first 25 mile

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