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Re: Caithness.org wins important award

They won not just the "Best Community Web" award, but also the "Site of the
Year"!  Well deserved.  I visit daily.  See
http://www.yell.com/awards/winner_site_year.html and
http://www.caithness.org/fpb/october/yellawards/index.htm.  They look just
great in their kilts.  True Caithness clulture in London.  Well done again,
Bill, Niall and Colin!


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Subject: Caithness.org wins important award

The Caithness Community Web has won the Yell.com award for "Best Community
Web".  Let the Clan Sinclair world-wide thank Bill and his team for
providing a lively contemporary link to our ancestral land.  In Yell.com's
judgement "Caithness.org us a shining example of how the "virtual world can

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