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RE: War on Terror

Erhhh...Okay, but if you want every terrorist group,
then you should include both sides that participate in the troubles.
I know people that have suffered from both groups and fled to make a life in
And I cannot distinguish one hateful act from another.

Naming just one group as a terrorist group and ommiting to mention the other
could be constured as a political statement.  And this is no place for that.
In uncertain times we want to be united, not divided.
I am sure that was unintentional.

All terrorists are just that; Terrorists.
And they can claim to hide behind veils of political agendas and religous
But these excuses do not of themselves argue for hideous acts of terrorism.
Only in the darkness of an evil mind, does one blend a political or religous
behind atrocities.

But, I do agree with you.  We need to live lives free from such terror.
As to terrorist groups; Tamil Tigers, Balkan ethnic cleansings, PKK,
Terrorist regimes in under-developed governments, ETA, etc.  May we be able
to stop the cycle in its tracks.
To the victims go our thoughts and prayers.  To the perpetraters, we wish

It is a sensitve issue, and I don't mean to explain what you said, but to
highlight, that it could be better said.

With warmest regards

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The tragic events of 11 September should not fade from our conscious minds.
In 'smoking the terrorist out of their holes' we can only hope that the
International Community overlooks no terrorist.  The IRA and Provos who have
murdered women and children in London, Belfast, Enniskillen as well as other
places should be included in this 'War'.

We stand firmly with the Americans, they should stand by us.

Unfortunately the IRA has been funded by NORAID. This terrorist funding
group has been spearheaded by the politically prominent Irish-Americans.

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