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27 September 2001

Dear Sinclair Discussion Group:

Some of you will recall that a few months ago I announced that my
article, "Reader of the Lost Stone," was running in "Fortean Times"
magazine.  The article, which was necessarily much-abbreviated to fit
the editorial space allotted, lends support to two popularly held yet
nontraditional theories about the Knights Templar--theories the academic
community likes to dismiss as myth or folklore, unsupported by "fact,"
and therefore not worth discussing.

Those two theories are as follows:

1. That Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalen and established a "holy
bloodline" that has survived and prospered down through the ages--a
bloodline that SOME of the Templars may have sworn to protect.

2. That Prince Henry Sinclair of Orkney made a voyage of discovery to
America almost a century before Christopher Columbus, one of mainstream
history's golden boys, sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

A few of you expressed interest in reading my article at the time, but
had trouble finding it.

I now have a website, thanks to my son, and have posted the illustrated
article on it.

Those of you who DID read my article in "Fortean Times" may still like
to visit the site.  I've added some interesting endnotes to the article,
although I have not yet written an introduction to the site.  Just click
past the home page.

The site is very much a work-in-progress, which will continue to evolve
as my research continues.

I will soon be linking the website to similarly inclined sites but, for
now, interested Sinclair discussion group members can have an early
peek, although a few of you read my much-more-detailed article over a
year ago.

since I would like to leave that link inactive over the next three or
four weeks.  If you would like to contact me, however, please do so
through the discussion group or at my home Email address.  Although I'm
very interested in your thoughts, I can't promise to answer until my
spare time frees up sometime mid-November.

Phew!  All that said, the website address is:


All Best for Now!


PS: The visitors' number you'll see on the homepage is, to say the
least, grossly inflated.  It's not my fault.  My son's idea to make the
site seem more successful sooner!

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