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Clan Sinclair in Australia

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     On Saturday, September 22 I set up a Clan Sinclair booth at the Scottish 
Heritage Fair in Alexandria, Virginia.  The fair was well attended.
     One of the visitors to the Clan Sinclair booth was an Australian lady 
who is presently living in the United States.  She is a Sinclair.  She said 
that her Sinclair family members in Australia would like to get in touch with 
the Clan Sinclair in Australia.  Could someone please give me the mailing 
address, the E-mail address and the Internet website address of the Clan 
Sinclair in Australia so that I might send this information to the lady?
     Thank you very much for your assistance.


Susan M. Sinclair Green Grady
Virginia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair Association, U.S.A.
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