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RE: Jefferson a Mason? & Douglas' mother?


Why did you put this in?
The answer; Because I needed to know this.
So Douglas' Mother was who?
Again, thankyou for communicating this information.
About 18 months ago I briefly described the Sinclair history in a talk I
gave in lodge.
When it came to the battle of Telba, without a Sinclair to assist me, 
I asked Brother Douglas to assist me and read the Burns' poem of this
incident aloud.
Brother Douglas was most delighted to be involved, and experience clan pride
in Douglas and Sinclair history.
These small ripples are felt in the most remarkable ways.  I must tell him
he has Sinclair blood!


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We speak often of the Sinclair who died accompanying the 'Heart of Bruce' to
the Holy Land.  No one that am aware of has mentioned that the Douglas he
was accompanying had a Sinclair mother. This sentence has nothing to do with
the Mason's Craft. I wonder why I put it in?

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