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Re: Jefferson a Mason?

David .... Bingo, you stumbled on to a possibility and there were similar
ties did you know Napoleon was also a Mason same period of time.

But again as we can today simply go to a University and good library and you
can learn more about Masonry than Most Masons even know about their own
craft. Remember he Jefferson was also the President of the University of
Virginia, and American Philosophical Society. Not to study Masonry and still
scan philosophy is to omit a large element of thought for a thousand years.

That said, I sat straight up with Sinclair's suggestion that Jefferson had
Sinclair blood. Did I catch that one correctly our dear friend? Now in an
abundance of explanation he was a Unitarian not by creed but because he did
not subscribe to the Trinitarian approach. In fact with respect to our
Christian Brethren, one of his accomplishments was to rewrite the Bible and
the New Testament to portray Jesus not as any literal son of God but as a
great moral teacher and human hence derogating from the Nicene Creed. It is
a very interesting piece of scholarship. It also ties into ancient
traditional pathways Christianity was also exploring and into Masonry. Now
for the list members there is no way in a hundred years to cover all the
questions and issues that this discussion can lead to and most of it would
be away from the Sinclair discussion and into world religions and theology
and philosophy.
But so again Sinclair are you fairly certain about the Sinclair heritage for

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