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Jefferson a Mason?

Greetings Neil,

You noted: "That last quotation was from an individual that was a Mason and the President of the American philosophical society by the name of Jefferson." 

When I was inspecting Monticello for sacred geometry/grid applications I found an amazing technical use of the building and telluric energetics, advanced spiritual technology that Masons knew of in Jefferson's era. I casually inquired in the bookstore there for anything available on Jefferson's Masonic connections. This triggered an explosive and even emotional ...if constrained... blast from the lady across the counter. "He was NOT a Mason!" (I was not about to get into a contest over it so retired with singed eyebrows, wondering why all the steam from an otherwise composed mature woman?) 

It appears that Jefferson did a massive remodeling of Monticello after his assignment in Europe. (What did he learn while there?) The building is a brilliant mechanism for collecting and storing telluric energy as well as having a number of other functions. The layout, linked with the energy (ley) line coming into the place even forms a Masonic logo (dividers/square). The basic format he used is the same as that in the design of Washington DC where we do know of the Masonic connections. If Jefferson was not a Mason he surely had knowledge of what must be in their inner Craft.

I must admit that I am not a Mason myself so am not qualified to say just what they know or don't know. However my own focus of study is on the "Chief Head Stone that becomes the Corner..." (Ps 118:18-24) which must certainly be in their central modus operandi somewhere. It was in Jefferson's. 

(If you or your Masonic colleagues are interested in excellent drawings of the Monticello building and grounds I have references.)


Bill Buehler,
Crestone, Colorado