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Re: Jefferson a Mason?

There is no record in his Autobiography or any reference that I can find of
Thomas Jefferson being a Mason.

Someone on this list once wrote me "Just because it is not recorded doesn't
mean it is not so".   I have no idea of how Masons keep their membership
roll.  Perhaps a Mason could tell us.

Jefferson was a Unitarian. he had a belief in a Supreme Being.  He would, as
Bruce Carylon, has kindly pointed out qualify for membership.

 Important, to us, is his Sinclair connection via the Duchess of Albany.

We speak often of the Sinclair who died accompanying the 'Heart of Bruce' to
the Holy Land.  No one that am aware of has mentioned that the Douglas he
was accompanying had a Sinclair mother. This sentence has nothing to do with
the Mason's Craft. I wonder why I put it in?


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