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Re: Jefferson a Mason?

Dear Bill; I have seen quite a few sources to indicate that Jefferson was
indeed a Mason and is usually listed up there with lists of Presidents that
were Masons. Indeed I have never read anything yet to indicate to the
contrary. Now I leave the door open to the possibility that he never became
a full Mason. Masons are meticulous record keepers and somewhere it would
have been recorded that he was a member of such and such lodge. This I do
not know.

As a reader and student of Jefferson I am very aware that irrespective of
actual membership he was fully conversant with Masonic principles and
education and also made a study of theological and esoteric religious
forces. He was an independent thinker and his writings certainly contain
much of the liberal philosophical orientation that overlapped with Masonic
philosophies of the time. Nor was he alone, his friends and associates of
the time period were also Masonic members. Now what you point out about the
building I have a lot of respect for. He went to France and picked up a lot
while he was serving there about architecture and beauty. He would have been
aware of many of the esoteric ideas that you have tapped into. He was a
lifelong learner well before others. But Tim Wallace Murphy is also a
student of this sacred geometry and for our British Cousins so was
Christopher Wren, When I was last in Washington I also learned that he had
established  a new "Golden Mean Line?" or the equivalent of the 0 degrees
that ran through Washington. It was never adopted but that gives you
something to work on Bill.

Neil Sinclair Toronto

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