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Re: September 11.

Dear Jean,

I can't deny that it feels good being back home....

Glad to hear Margaret's cousin did make it out of the Manhattan finally,
I don't think it was a particularly nice place to be in during this
period of time.

About not wanting to fly.... I can tell you as much as if it had not
been for the fact that I had a sinusitis, 40 degrees fever, a terrible
cough and 50 kg luggage.... I would have rented me a car and driven back
to Sweden. An Air France plane did not really feel like most secure
place to be in on the 12th when I flew back. The say the demand for
flights has lowered with some 2/3. But then again there are accidents on
trains, busses and highways too.... not to forget the Titanic or the

How is your husband? Meg told me he was not that well and that he now is
slowly getting in to some kind of senility. I know how much that can
affect a family and I so hope you will be able to cope. I can also
imagine what the struggle between Meg and her sisters do to you.

Talking about Meg, WHAT (no details please ;-) ) is she doing with that
Justin?????? A married guy, just like little Rachel's father, whom she
met on internet...... I do worry!!!


Jean Stokes wrote:
> Hi Lena
> I was just going through the list and tidying up and read your message.
> I am so glad you are safe,and home in Sweden.
> Once of Margaret's cousins was on Manhattan Island when the tragedy
> happened and could not get home to the West Coast where she lives, for
> several days. And we didn't know until her mother rang from the States a
> week later.
> People here are nervous about travelling by air now. I pray nothing like
> this ever happens again.
> Love,

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