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Re:September 11.

Hi Lena
I was just going through the list and tidying up and read your message.
I am so glad you are safe,and home in Sweden.
Once of Margaret's cousins was on Manhattan Island when the tragedy 
happened and could not get home to the West Coast where she lives, for 
several days. And we didn't know until her mother rang from the States a 
week later.
People here are nervous about travelling by air now. I pray nothing like 
this ever happens again.


At 01:56  15/09/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Maybe some of you remembers I was to travel to the US.... I got as far
>as boarding the plane to Chicago at the Ch du Gaulle Airport in
>Paris...... after hours waiting we where allowed to get off the plane
>and back into the terminal. So now I am safe back in Sweden.

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