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Re: A Scot abroad

I thank you sincerely for your prompt and detailed reply to my critisism
which you answer well. Whether rebel or simply Scots, so many died for our
freedom over the centuries, for their family,clan,laird or latterly as the
front line troops of the British army, that we are right to be proud of our
heritage ,no matter what our political position nowadays .My misquote of
"pour encourager les autres " works both ways . If other are also encouraged
by your response perhaps the present pathos of will be lifted somewhat. HRH
Prince Michael of Albany may have counter arguements to that of the Greek/
German dynasty in (his?)place. Maybees Aye Maybees Naw.
Slainthe                  Steve        Edinburgh
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> There is no Scot quite as Scot as the Scot abroad.  "Did you rise, did you
> fall? Did you charge for
> the honour of Scotland?  Where you there on the day on the field of
> Culloden?" The basis you
> detect is anti stupidity. The rising of '45 was ill conceived and absurd.

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