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Re: 'Sinclair sabre's '

I was very surprised as a newcomer to see such anti Scottish sentiments in
the discussion group as shown by "LA Behotierre" Some people  were fighting
for Scotland, some for their religion, or other personal reason but most of
all ,for what their hearts told them was right, unlike the mercenaries and
others paid in English gold who sold their country so cheaply.  Whatever
Charlies own  problems ,all Scotland would have preferred not to be
occupied.The then 500 year auld, alliance with France was one sided , yet
    My intention in raising this is not to breach any protocol , or to
disagree with anyone ,but simply
"pour encourager les autres" (in its literal sense rather than that referred
to in WWI.
Slainthe        Steve,   Edinburgh
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A very interesting sabre is the 'English thistle' it was the first sword
issued after Drummossie Moor to Scots troops.  It bears a English imprint on
a Scots basket hilt with a straight single blood flute. I acquired one a
number of years ago.  Mine is  good nick but far from mint. In a catalogue
published by the National Trust for Scotland in London 1996 ' The Swords and

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