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I'm off to the US in September

Just want to tell you all that I am to attend The 2001 FGS/Quad Cities
Davenport, Iowa - 12-15 September 2001. "A Conference for the Nation's

I will attend as a representative of The Genealogical Society of Sweden
and under the "roof" of the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies
I will be found in the exhibition area.

And yes, I will bring all my Sinclair information.

On the 16-17th of September I will be in Rockford, IL. Staying at the
Swedish House Lodge and there will be an open and public meeting, with
free help and genealogical research in the Rockford Public Library.

Just thought someone would like to know.

For further info se: http://www.fgs.org/2001conf/fgs-2001.htm 

Best regards
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