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Pillarguri Days 2001

Just a reminder that the festival in Central Norway runs from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th August (the anniversary of the 1612 Battle).  Our Chief, Rt Hon The Earl of Caithness, is attending this year, and Annabel, Sarah and I will be there to support him.  Malcolm will lay flowers at Colonel George Sinclair's Grave on Saturday 25th August in a private Clan Ceremony with Sinclair's Club of Otta.  We hope to have a few photographs after the events on the Sinclair's Club website www.sinclairsclub.net , together with an account for the Clan Magazines worldwide.  You can see photos and video clips from last year there as well as details form our first visit in 1999.  We are very much looking forward to renewing our friendships in Otta, where the reception could not be more of a contrast to that our ancestors met in 1612. It's not too late to get there!

Yours aye