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Re: I'm off to the US in September

Hi Lena,
   You are coming to our heartland.  It would be nice if you had time to get
up to Fargo, ND to see the statue of Rollo and tour the wonderful Norse park
just over in Moorhead, MN where a relplica of a Stave church is and also a
Viking huge longboat that actually sailed from Duluth to Norway.  Can't find
the folders right now to give you details.
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From: "Lena A Löfström" <lal@algonet.se>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 3:59 AM
Subject: I'm off to the US in September

> Just want to tell you all that I am to attend The 2001 FGS/Quad Cities
> Conference
> Davenport, Iowa - 12-15 September 2001. "A Conference for the Nation's
> Genealogists"

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