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Re: Battle of Otterburn, 5th August 1388

> There were people present to record those Salem Witchcraft Trials.
> It's astonishing to read how many otherwise rational people believed the
> accusations of deluded children and disgruntled neighbors.  Until you
> remember for example the day care trials of the 1980s....

Dear John:
Sometimes your laconic & trenchant observations astonish even this grizzled
old brain.... my sentiments exactly: those who think that there was a golden
age of decency are as deluded as those who believe that folks were pure
thugs back then.
We (then and now) can be capable of the most generous humanity and within
hours commit  horrendous inhumanity --- most of the time spending our lives
struggling in between the Charybdis and Scylla  of these two extremes.
No need to give up --- the good fight is all we have.


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