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Dr Sinclair of Hermandston 1715

A brief internet search produces another grim account of yet another Sinclair of Hermandston, this time during the Jacobite Rising of 1715.  Dr Sinclair of Hermandston was a deputy lieutenant in Haddington early in October, ordered to restrain any suspected Jacobites in his area.  He proceeded against Hepburn of Keith, a zealous Jacobite, with a party of armed men but under instructions from the Lord Lieutenant, The Marquis of Tweedale,  not to unless fired upon. Hepburn asked to see the Doctor's orders and Sinclair sent them in with his servant.  Hepburn's response was "God damn the doctor and the marquis both," and disappeared. The servant waited for his return, but instead of coming back , Hepburn and his friends mounted their horses and rushed out,  firing a pistol at the servant, wounding him. Hepburn then rode up to the Doctor, and fired another pistol at him, and then struck him with his sword in hand wounding him in the head. Sinclair's party, in turn, returned fire, and Hepburn's younger son was  killed in the exchange. Hepburn raced on to the Borders and joined the Jacobite army.

Yours aye