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Re: Battle of Otterburn, 5th August 1388

>I do not know if anyone wept when a "witch" was "wirried and brint," although 
>I suspect tears may have been shed by someone.  But I do know that there was n
>o poet present to record the accomplishments of our noble ancestors on those p
>articular days.  More's perhaps the pity.

During the similar witchcraft trials in New England in 1692, some of my
ancestors testified for the "witches" (who were in retrospect all Christians)
The witches were hanged anyway.  My ancestors moved three years later.

There were people present to record those Salem Witchcraft Trials.
It's astonishing to read how many otherwise rational people believed the
accusations of deluded children and disgruntled neighbors.  Until you
remember for example the day care trials of the 1980s....

I'm not sure what this goes to show, other than the witchcraft trials were
an international phenomenon, and one that isn't dead yet.

>All Best!
>Jeff Nisbet
>Reader of the Lost Stone

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