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Moving on to Telba: taking the High Road

Greetings Bruce,

You ask: "...What vexes me, is why they took this route to Jerusalem/Qadosh?
As Tim has written; Spain was part of the pilgrimage roads to St James, but
as Jerusalem was the destination, why not; sail by ship to Jerusalem,
stopping only at port of call? travel overland more directly through Germany
or Italy like the overland crusaders....?"

Who would know? But I have a good theory based on a present and ageless
practice. It would correlate with the idea of Earth Grids and the travel
itinerary hitting specific "nodes" or specific energy/consciousness
conditioned sites. Similar to walking the Stations in a Catholic church. The
ley lines and telluric "dragon" lines connecting these sites are also
charged at "substations" as it were.

Charged with what?, you naturally ask. Consider any structure or "grid" to
be a schematic of consciousness with specific energetics at nodes in the
grid that will support that quality of consciousness. Qualities or aspects
are stored in stone, water, crystalline matrices, and other things at each
site. Warrior-priests were qualified in "downloading" these qualities and
working with them. Its called spiritual alchemy or magic or if one wishes it
might be called witchcraft or sorcery (but in high levels). Its what any
priest of any major religion should be capable of. The Templars were and
then the Masons after them.

Thus the physical mission and routing itself became... by my theory... a
vital part of the "charging" of the heart and appurtenances. The sequence of
process at sites is important. Further, some site might be less important
than the meeting of specific persons skilled with whatever one needs in the
sequencing. Timing is another factor related to being at specific sites; we
live in a sea of energies and mind which has its rhythms, etc.

Request that any further discussion of this subject be direct to me, off

Blessed Be...

Bill Buehler

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