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Re: Mottos and Moving on Fiat Lux

Dear All;
Fiat Lux;

Let there be light. make light, it is our collective search for truth,
roots, and commonality. The Sinclair family is foremost among the worlds
leading traditions in pursuing these goals of truth, roots and commonality
for almost 1000 years. Living up to this proud heritage is what many of our
genealogical ancestors and our historical figures have tried to do in their
own time and own way. Today we want to continue in their footsteps.

Some of us enjoy Latin and I share the following:

"O Tenebrae, Lutum, Sordes, o Paterni Genris Oblite Materni Memor ( O heart
of darkness, of dirt of degradation, forgetful of your fathers fathers, with
scarcely a memory of your mothers mothers! (Cirero)

Omnis Oratio Morbus Consonet (Your vocabulary is in perfect harmony with
your horrid habits)

For those with a sense of humour these were taken from: "How to Insult and
Abuse in Classical Latin; Michelle Lovric 1998 Random House."

So I return to classical mottos" "Commit thy Verk (Work) to God." Not a bad
motto to govern this list. Enjoy and have fun. Always time for and a salute
to John in Texas! Thank you yet again.

Neil Sinclair Toronto then from Prince Edward Island and then from
Glendaruel Scotland..

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