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Re: Mottos and Moving on Fiat Lux

Dear Neil,
I read your note...and just quoted our family motto just the other day to 
Cousin Ivan ...in reference to the messages of the past couple of 
days...(I'm new to the list)...just FYI...when I was in my early teens my 
parents planned a wonderful holiday trip to PEI, we loved it...we also 
visited NS, NB...my grandmother Katherine Kay was from Kincardin, ONT...she 
once told us her great,(great?) grandmother (not sure how many generations) 
was a lady in waiting for Mary Queen of Scots...I've been blessed to have my 
father's side to be of almost pure 'scots'...of which I am very 
proud...having been raised near the Canadian border, and having my g. 
grandmother live in Sarnia...we somehow 'acquired' the Canadian infux in our 
speech! I now live in Indianapolis...and people always want to know where 
I'm from!...a little scottish blended with Canadian:)!
Deanna Sinclair
Proud to be a Sinclair!

>From: "Neil Sinclair" <rinsin@globalserve.net>
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>Subject: Re: Mottos and Moving on Fiat Lux
>Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 14:10:04 -0400
>Dear All;
>Fiat Lux;
>Let there be light. make light, it is our collective search for truth,
>roots, and commonality. The Sinclair family is foremost among the worlds
>leading traditions in pursuing these goals of truth, roots and commonality

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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