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The Sinclair Soap?

* Marriage in the family
* Dogfights
* Off-List Attacks
* Betrayal by the enemy
* Mistrusting families
* Mother-Daughter-relationships
* Signing offs
* Confusing mails

When reading this, you wouldn't think such things
would happen in the best family, but SADLY it has
happened. Please let's calm down a little. 

First, I would like to say that I don't know where Tim
is talking about. I think he isn't aware that La
Behotierre said this stuff and not me!!! ("Surely this
level of comment about people's private lives really
is going tooo far! .... They are none of your

Next thing, I hope that Jean Stokes will stay, because
it's a minority which is against you. Of course you
mean the best for your daughter. (I hope you are still
reading this...) Everybody has their bad sides, but to
call on the bad sides in times when support is needed,
is very undecently.

I hope the fight between two people (now:5) won't
expand any further. I really hope so. I hope Doctor
Quarterman will take it over now and fix the
discussions (if you can).

Best Kindest regards to everybody,

Jean de St. Sigeron

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