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John G Sinclair Jr.

Memorial Service, August 5, 2001, in Mendocino (Littleriver) California
Born in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Christmas Day in 1921 to parents John 
George Sinclair and Margaret (Hancock) Sinclair.  As a child growing up in 
Galveston Texas he experimented with electronics at an early age, once 
locking his bedroom door with the window open when a storm caused a power 
failure. He had to do outside and up a ladder to get into his room and close 
the window.  He held the first patent on the flip down door stop, made of a 
coat hanger and a pencil eraser.
A Graduate of Texas University he served in Algiers during World War II in 
Radio Communications.  Patching together radios from recovered parts.  He 
worked at Hughes Aircraft from 1952 to 1960 and then at Quantatron in the Los 
Angeles area.  While at Hughes and Quantatron he developed the White Sands 
Facility Nuclear Accelerator and A pulse generation system that was used with 
lasers.  After acquiring over 100 patents for others and tiring of the 
defense industry, he escaped to northern California in 1963 with his wife 
Marion (Chamberlain) Sinclair and two sons, John G. Sinclair III (Me) (1950) 
and Peter Varney Sinclair (1951).  
In northern California he started a farm raising his two teenage boys and 
blackberries, producing "Mendocino Blackberry Jam" all the time continuing 
research on projects like the first Alpha Biofeedback System. In 1965 he had 
another son Eric Chamberlain Sinclair.  In 1969 he divorced and shortly after 
married Judith Lois (Byers) Sinclair, They had a son David Gerrit Sinclair. 
Judith brought her three daughters to the marriage, Erika Theodoroff, Linka 
Theodoroff and Heidi (Theodoroff) Jaynes. During this time work on the farm 
shifted to goat farming and cheese making. His successes are to numerous to 
list them all here.
During his life time he influenced many great minds with his insight and 
futuristic thinking.  He was a great educator, being able to convey both 
simple and technical thought.  As a teen ager I remember our home was a hot 
bed for political discussion with people from all over.
On December 29, 2000, John passed away, following a three year fight with 
cancer.  He is survived by those mentioned above, his sister Ruth (Sinclair) 
of Austin Texas numerous nieces and nephews, nine grand children, a great 
grand child (another on the way) and many friends. 
We delayed the memorial service so that family could all get together.

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