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Re: John G Sinclair Jr.

I have added this information as our first person in the "Science and
Industry" section of www.clansinclairusa.org "history".  Only you can't see
it until I update the website.  I am having technical difficulties and
awaiting instructions from the webmaster.  At some time I will probably add
an Earl that was an inventor and others in chronological order.
    I am interested in the ND connection.   Recently we were there and I
picked up some information from a history of North Dakota on "Hon. William
Sinclair.  In that remote and rugged portion of Scotland from which the
Orkney Islands were peopled there is today the remains of the stock that
made the name of Scotland famed centuries ago and that same stock has been
preserved in all its vigor on the Islands.  There is no purer strain of the
Celt than in the Orkneys and when the people of the islands emigrate they
bring with them the sturdy virtues that have made....(blah blah, I guess
they didn't know the Sinclairs were Norman also.......Though perhaps the
only ones who have propered so notably --are the Sinclairs, of Stutsman
county, and of that ilk the Hon. William Sinclair, lawmaker and farmer,
successful and prominent citizen, is the foremost.
    He was born at the old town of St. Margaret's Hope, Orkney Islands,
August 14, 1870.  He was the son of Malcolm and Mary Tomison Sinclair
(there really is a lot more here and the point is, is this the ancestor of
John G. Sinclair Jr.?  I am not picking up a marriage or children in this
article but perhaps it was from a brother (not mentioned- that your man

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