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Laura Zolo

Here is the information that I have which has been delayed so not adversely
affect the project:.  D'Layne sent this to me 4 days ago and told me to put
it on the website.

Laura Zolo has been a lot of trouble with the boat motor and the "shaft
went"  Finally she had to put in a new boat motor and shaft.  She was hoping
to leave on July 23 from City Island marina.  This has put them behind
schedule and thus they would probably be renting a car and driving to Lake
Memphremagog.  Professor LeDeuc, Niven, D'Layne & Richard Coleman, Elizabeth
Lane (the keeper of the Knight in Westford), and Bill Mann are all involved.
Because the owner of the property where the mysterious boulder is at does
not want publicity and trespassers wandering about her private residence or
to know just where it is.   So to respect this, the information has been

   Following this trip to the lake, there will be meetings with local key
people and then Niven, Elizabeth, D'Layne and Richard will fly to Nova
Scotia and investigate sites around Halifax, Oak Island, the Ross farm and
other new sites.

    Hopefully as additional information comes in, I will add it to a new
link on www.clansinclairusa.org  "history"

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