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Re: Andrew Sinclair histories

Dear Niven,
Are you able to reserve copies of Andrew's quartet ahead? It will much less 
expensive over there than in Australia. Also it will arrive more promptly 
if I buy it through you than wait for it here.

>I know that long toes, broad feet, high insteps and  so on are all present 
>in zoos, so who said we are any different?  I told you  that you were very 
>like my father  - that walking behind you was like walking behind Dad. You 
>didn't look like him facially but shoulders, walk, style was so like him 
>it was uncanny. Genetic inheritance does play a role and if people find 
>facial likenesses they feel more connected. When I was 12, some one was 
>out from Scotland and we went to meet her. I think she was actually a 
>Calder, because this elderly lady took one look at me with my (then) long 
>dark hair and proclaimed I was Charlotte Calder to the life. I didn't know 
>who she was then but now it matters to me that I looked like my Great 

Off to see Mark's oncologist tomorrow and hoping for an all clear. The 
second election for Office Bearers for CSA is progressing and the nominees 
list is being sent out tomorrow. In a fortnight we will know if I am 
President or if Ian of Frankston is.  I hope we keep the secretary and 
treasurer that we have now. They are cousins and good friends and very 

Must go to bed. I know you won't get this for a while but love and safe travel.



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