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Re: Andrew Sinclair histories

At 10:12 19/07/01 -0400, you wrote:
>I take from what Niven has said that Andrew's quartet are now published.
>Of the top of my head, since I haven't looked yet - published in the US
>yet?  regards, Sally

Andrew's quartet is not yet published.  We will be sending 'fliers' out to
500 addresses in Canada and the States and, hopefully, I'll be able to
bring some of these with me when I visit Canada and the States later
this week on a research visit to Lake Memphremagog, Oak Island etc.

You will be notified when the book is available and from where it can
be purchased.  Although it is essentially a work of 'fiction', it is based
on a great deal of fact about the wandering Scot and the itinerant
Sinclairs with their wanderlust which has scattered us to the four corners
  of the Earth.

  As I will be away from my desk for the next two weeks and,
as I will not be taking a lap-top with me, there will be a rare silence
from this correspondent whose itchy feet, like the primates from
which we are all descended, does have a longer second toe which
(although no longer used for the purpose for which it was intended)
allowed for a better grip when swinging from tree to tree.

There is no mystery about long toes.  Go to any zoo.

Niven Sinclair

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