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Sinclair Dates

   July 27

   1054: Battle of Dunsinane, Macbeth defeated near Crieff. The Sword
   Dance, or Ghillie Chalium has war as its starting point. The dance
   popular at Highland Games; legend has it that it was danced on the eve
   of battle, and that for the soldier to touch or displace the sword
   portended a curse in the approaching fight. There are many other
   theories regarding the origin of the Sword Dance, and one of is that
   Malcolm III Canmore, after having defeated one of Macbeth's chiefs at
   the Battle of Dunsinane in 1054, appropriated his defeated adversaries
   sword, placed over his own to formed a cross with his own and danced
   wildly to the pipes.

   1769: Napoleon b., Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). A theory, only a
   theory, controversial at that. Napoleon's grandfather may have come
   from Balloch, near Crieff! William Bayne was driven out of Scotland
   after the collapse of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. Bayne and his
   relatives were shipwrecked in Corsica and established there. Bayne and
   his party became known as Boun-de-parte (corruption of good of leaves,
   Bayne comes from Gaelic leaves) and after two generations the surname
   Bonaparte was used. --[2]<Privateers@Privateers.org>

   1953: Korean War ends,

   2000: Sinclairs at Rosslyn, [3]Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh Castle


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