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Feast of
   St. Clair
Pillarguri Days

Sinclair 2000

The Clan Sinclair Chief, Malcolm Caithness, has invited Sinclairs to assemble in Scotland the week of 30 July 2000. Clan Gunn has an assembly in Caithness the previous week so the intervening Sunday, 30 July, will be an overlap for the two clans to meet. There are apparently two interleaved schedules for the U.S.A. and Canadian groups, so for details it is best to look at the paper newsletters, Roslin O' Roslin for Canada and Yours Aye for U.S.A.. Malcolm Caithness has also made available a schedule online He has written in Yours Aye that ``I am planning that we should all be together in London and Edinburgh.''

Clan Sinclair Millennium Celebration Update

[Clan Sinclair Scotland] Over the last few months a lot of questions concerning the upcoming Clan Sinclair Millennium Celebration in Scotland have been raised. For a celebration this large, a lot of planning and preparation is involved. Clan Sinclair USA, [Clan Sinclair Canada] Clan Sinclair Canada, and Clan Sinclair Scotland are in constant contact with our Chief, Malcolm Sinclair, in working out all the plans. The official resource for this vital information within the USA will be "Yours Aye" - the Clan Sinclair USA Newsletter. "Yours Aye" is sent to all Clan Sinclair USA members, at no charge other than the yearly membership fee, on a quarterly basis. [Clan Sinclair U.S.A.] The next issue of "Yours Aye" will be mailed to our membership list around the end of February. This will be the first issue with our new format, please let us know how you like it and remember to send your ideas along to our new editor, Sandy Barker. If you are not a Clan Sinclair member and you wish information or an application, you can send your requests to:
Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. (U.S.A.)
89 Sentry Way
Merrimack, NH 03054
or send email to:
or you can print the application from the Sinclair web site
``Many wonderful events and places are being arranged for including the visiting of Castle Mey (in Caithness), Rosslyn Chapel and Castle and to Orkney. I would think that the main website will eventually carry more information on this. I too wonder where we will all stay?'' Laurel
``Following a lovely lunch, we were piped to the meeting room, where we were informed of the year 2000 gathering - starting with a reception at the House of Lords in London, train trip to Edinburgh, visit to Rosslyn, and on to Caithness for the Halkirk Games. From there, optional tours are also available to castles and ancient monuments and to Orkney. If you participated from beginning to end, it would take 10 days!'' —Antonia Sinclair

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