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Re: Genealogy rules

Wanda; This is excellent work on your part and for those studying genealogy
from Scotland I wanted to underline some of your acute observations for
others on the list connecting their family history. I too am disappointed in
the award of the Olympics away from Toronto. For those on the list that may
have a hazy view of the City their Toronto Cousins live in, it is English,
Chinese and Italian with Greek and Portuguese following. Of course it is
arguably one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. It is
Canada's banking capital, the largest city in Canada (3 million pop., and
has the worlds largest free standing structure the CN tower. )

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From: "Wanda Sinclair"

The rule of thumb when you start doing genealogy is:

1. Someone always stays behind in the Old Country (Scotland, England,

2.  At least, one relative always goes to the New Country (Canada, United

3. And at least, one relative always goes to the land Down Under (Australia,

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