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New Zealand Kin in Ont. Probate Records

The rule of thumb when you start doing genealogy is:

1. Someone always stays behind in the Old Country (Scotland, England, Ireland).

2.  At least, one relative always goes to the New Country (Canada, United States).

3. And at least, one relative always goes to the land Down Under (Australia, New Zealand).

While researching in the Archives of Ontario (Canada) today, I came across the following info on New Zealand Kin in the Probate Records of Ontario:

MS-584, REEL 1930 #34964 (1917) York County
Died: 23 December 1917 St. Michael Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
OCCUPATION: Retired Minister
SISTER-IN-LAW: Mrs. Grace Barclay (Residence: 19 Station Rd., Winchanore? Hill, London, England)
NIECES: Mrs. R. Grant (Residence: Dunbeath P.O., Caithness, Scotland
NIECES: Joan E. & Mary A. Sinclair (Residence: 10 Grass St., Mintal? Bay, Wellington, New Zealand) 

(No parents names mention, Age 84, Widower, record show his name as Harry not Henry)

MS-584, REEL 346, #83041 (1937) York County
SINCLAIR, Andrew, late of Lappen, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland
Died: 24 August 1917 Lappen, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland
OCCUPATION: Retire Farmer
Had a share in the estate of James Calder Sinclair, Late of Toronto
    Elizabeth SINCLAIR (Died in New Zealand & had 7 children)
    David SINCLAIR (Residence: Lappen)
    George SINCLAIR
    James SINCLAIR
    John Henderson SINCLAIR (Residence: York Street, Glasgow)
    Barbara SINCLAIR
    Andrew SINCLAIR
    Donald SINCLAIR
    Emma Christina SINCLAIR

MS-584, REEL 355, #84044 (1937) York County
Died: 15 Aug 1936 Awarva Plains, District of Southland, Dominion of New Zealand
BROTHER: James Calder SINCLAIR of Toronto (George had a interest in his estate)
NEPHEW: Robert & his wife, Alice Maude SUTHERLAND (Residence: Awarva Plains, District of Southland, Dominion of New Zealand)

Rexdale, Ontario

P.S. I am very disappointed that TORONTO did not get the 2008 Olympics.  If you watch the news, you might have seen me in the crowd of people (I was wearing my Green Sinclair baseball hat) of Downtown Toronto (drowning my sorrows).