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Re: Fortean Times

Dear Laurel:

The article ran in the U.K. May issue and the U.S. June issue, so I guess you
did miss it.  I am setting up a website tho', when my son can manage the
techical side of it, on which I'll publish the article (with photos).  It will
be more detailed than the FT article, which was drastically cut for reasons
I'll get into on the website.  Sit tight!

All Best for Now!


Spirit One Email wrote:

> Dear Jeff,
>     I took a little vacation since your last messages which established that
> the US Fortean Times for May did not carry the article.  So just now I
> called the stores here and all they have in stock is the Aug. issue.  Have I
> missed it then here in the US?
> Laurel
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> From: "jeffnpat" <jeffnpat@nis.net>
> > Perhaps you've read it.
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