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Re: I have a another question Henry

July 16, 2001

Dear Tim:

Welcome back.

Re your "reminder" that "all that descend from the female side is considered
far more important than that from the male side" and that "the whole concept
of nobility depends upon 'uterine nobility' i.e the nobility of the mother", I
have this to say:

Lying on what would have been the north aisle (if aisles could still be seen)
of the ruined kirk at Temple, Midlothian, and oriented east/west, is what
Andrew Sinclair (the cousin of Niven Sinclair and the author of "The Discovery
of the Grail") might recognize as what Andrew calls "a grail & templar stone,"
similar to the one in Roslin Chapel, except that it shows only the chalice,
and NOT the sword.  It may in fact be the only grail & templar stone that lies
above the bones of a woman, but of course I'm not sure of that.

The inscription reads as follows:

"Beatrix Lucy wife of Henry Herbert Philip Dundas of Arniston [space] Third
Baronet, Born 14th May, 1876, Died 6th Nov. 1940."


Beatrix's 1940 grave sits exactly due west of the inscribed stone in the
belfry of that ruined kirk, and my translation of that coded inscription is no
longer a secret since it was published in the U.K. May, 2001, edition of
Fortean Times, theatrically titled "Reader of the Lost Stone".

Perhaps you've read it.

My article, and the extended research on the inscribed stone that I mailed to
Niven last summer, has been met with a resounding and puzzling silence.

Anyway ...

There was another translation of the coded inscription--besides both the Henry
Sinclair Voyage and the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
translations--that I did NOT publish in the Fortean Times article.

If you take the first line of the inscription, VAESAC, and the two letters
that were inscribed at a later date, RI, you get the highly interesting
letterstring VAESACRI, which decodes as SACRE VIA, or "Sacred Way."

One wonders when this "path of initiation" fell into disuse--or if it ever

I have been looking into the background of the Dundas of Arniston family
(which acquired the property from the crown after the Reformation).  One of
them, a Secretary of State, was nicknamed "the uncrowned king of Scotland."
Hmmm ...

All Best!

Jeff Nisbet

Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote:

> DEar Friends,
> I am  happy to report that I am back in England after a tiring, but very
> productive trip to FRance and Italy. I must admit that it was strange to do
> a formal book-signing in Italy for Italian editions of my books that I have
> yet to be 'officially' informed of or paid for!!!
> The whole trip would not have taken place without support from NIven and
> help from labehotierre.
> As to the message beneath - may I remind you all that descent from the
> female side is considered far more important than that from the male side.

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