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Re: I have a another question Henry

DEar Friends,

I am  happy to report that I am back in England after a tiring, but very
productive trip to FRance and Italy. I must admit that it was strange to do
a formal book-signing in Italy for Italian editions of my books that I have
yet to be 'officially' informed of or paid for!!!

The whole trip would not have taken place without support from NIven and
help from labehotierre.

As to the message beneath - may I remind you all that descent from the
female side is considered far more important than that from the male side.
The whole concept of nobility depends upon 'uterine nobility' i.e. the
nobility of the mother. Also, according to ancient Judaic law, you are only
a Jew if your mother is a Jew, a concept which still obtains today and
applies to the Israeli 'right of return'. It is a wise child who knows his
own father.

Best wishes

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> Was Prince Henry a pirate?  What happened to the Templar Gold?  Did our
> Henry take it to America with him.  Henry went at least twice maybe three
> times.  What for? Is Privateering and Pirating in our blood? Look at
> day Harry F. Sinclair. Hong Kong.

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