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Re: toes info

Hi Laurel,

I'm disappointed too. I know Milamba has Celtic toes, I have, my Dad did , 
and I think at least four of my grandchildren do too.  The other genetic 
quirk that we have is the ability to roll our tongues  up at the sides so 
that they form a U shape. This is also only able to be done by genetic 
inheritance so I wonder how many on the list are game to go look in a 
mirror and see if they can do that one. I'd love to see that being reported 
to the list.

Jean Sinclair Stokes.

>It seems that Celtic feet, from Scotland, IReland, Wales,the Isle of Man and
>Brittany, tend to have a second toe longer than all the others.  Also known
>ats the Scottish toe.
>Celtic feet get more bunions because the shoes are made to fit English feet.
>Archaeologists have found skeletal remains from the 6th century cemetery
>with Saxons buried with distinctive jewelry and their feet were shaped like
>modern English feet.  The cuboid bone is slightly scrunched on one side in
>Saxon feet but more square in Celts.   (sounds to me like the English are
>the abnormality)
>So this gives you something new to do at family reunions.  :-)

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