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toes info

Dear Cousins,
    Really thought there would be more of you respond.  Only 11 of you
answered with Celtic toes.   Perhaps you are afraid to look at your toes??
My second one has been pushed back almost into saxon submission by years of
dancing in pointed shoes but it still does not behave in the stairstep
fashion.  Maybe you are expecting a much longer toe in later life to qualify
for the Celtic honors.  I don't think so.  I have been giving this a lot of
thought.  Is there just two types of toes among the world, with Africans and
Asians falling into the so called Saxon catagory.  A chart describes Celtic

Anyway,  I returned to reading the back issues of the Scottish Banner and
found in the May issue the original story to which the poem referred.:

It seems that Celtic feet, from Scotland, IReland, Wales,the Isle of Man and
Brittany, tend to have a second toe longer than all the others.  Also known
ats the Scottish toe.
Celtic feet get more bunions because the shoes are made to fit English feet.
Archaeologists have found skeletal remains from the 6th century cemetery
with Saxons buried with distinctive jewelry and their feet were shaped like
modern English feet.  The cuboid bone is slightly scrunched on one side in
Saxon feet but more square in Celts.   (sounds to me like the English are
the abnormality)

So this gives you something new to do at family reunions.  :-)

What bothers me is that my mother didn't have Celtic toes (recessive gene)
and my father was totally Finnish.  Where would a recessive gene come from
on his side.

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