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Possible family connection to Harry Ford Sinclair

I have been researching my family history for years.  I am the Great Great Great Granddaughter of John (Jackson?) Sinclair.  I am not sure if Jackson is his middle name.  I recently received some information that my GGG Grandfather may have been the brother of Harry Ford Sinclair.  I have also recieved information that he was possibly born in Anson County NC.  According to this new information that I am still trying to confirm, John Sinclair was in the Dallas Texas Area in 1900 and 1910.  He was married twice first to Myra/Myria (Conner?) and second to Martha Waggoner.  He fathered several children.  His child Nancy Sinclair is my GG Grandmother. John Sinclair's other children were George G., Henrietta, Martha, Amanda, Susan, Margaret, and James B. while married to Myra/Myria (Conner?).  If he was married to Martha Waggoner then he fathered Mollie and Gertrude who were born in TN or NC.
        John Sinclair is possibly the son of John Alfred Augustos Sinclair and Susan Dunn.  I have found John and his wife Myra/Myria Sinclair in the 1880 Bumcombe County NC census.  Please if anyone can help me confirm this information.  I would be greatly be appreciative.  I only know for certain that John Sinclair and Myra/Myria are the parents of my GG Grandmother Nancy Sinclair but I am not sure who John Sinclair decended from or what his middle name may be.  I also don't know how he might be connected to Harry Ford Sinclair.  It may be that he was only a nephew or cousin to Harry Ford Sinclair.  So if anyone out there can help me with these following questions I would appreciate it.
        Is John Sinclair's middle name Jackson?  Who were his parents?  Does any one have information on John Alfred Augustos Sinclair and Susan Dunn?  Does anyone have information on the parents of Harry Ford Sinclair of Sinclair Oil Company?  Lastly, was he married to Martha Waggoner?  Please Help!!!!!

Sincerely, Wanda I can be contacted at porkchop@troycable.net