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Re: new; Alex. Sinkler of VA 1700s & Gen. Arthur St. Clair

Dearest Cousin Charlotte,
  It was good to get your email and to know it won't be long till your back 
here in the area you so belong. I do believe it is a family trait to hang on 
to everything from our past <G>. I do the same here. Memorys are at times 
hard to sell or throw out!
  I was also excited to hear from another Alexander cousin also! It's about 
like having Christmas in the middle of July. More names to add to the tree 
and another cousin found to get to know. I do so look forward to your arrival 
here and being able to finally get to meet you and also do alot of research 
on this wonderful line of ours. It's truely a addiction but finding more 
family is such great fun. 
  I didn't realize that Jean Grigsby wasn't feeling well.. I wish her all the 
best she has done so much for our line, we will forever be in debt to her. 
Jean if you are reading this please get back on the list when you feel 
better. I don't know how anyone could feel or say you of all people don't 
belong here! Jean, we all love you with out you we wouldn't know hardly 
anything on our Alexander line. You are such a sweet and loving person and I 
will forever be greatful for all you have done and I couldnt be more proud to 
call any one Cousin !! Please get back on the list and stay in touch with us!
  Please contact me as soon as you settle in  Charlotte, and want some new 
family company, you arent that far to travel from me. I so look forward to it.
  Smiles ALways~
Timberly St.Clair Robertson