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Re: new; Alex. Sinkler of VA 1700s & Gen. Arthur St. Clair

Timberly,  we are almost ready to be coming around the mountain, we are 
supposed to leave next Tues.  Wow I can hardly believe it is so soon.  I hope 
that we will be ready by then but everyone assures me that I am more ready 
than I think I am.  Must be true since everyplace in the house and garage is 
full of packed boxes.  Do you think it is a family trait to hang onto 
everything from your past?  I just packed our son's first hockey skates and 
stockings and he is now 35 and started playing 30years ago.  It is great to 
hear that we have another cousin courtesy of 
Alexander.  Although there seemed to be some doubt of his arrival before, 
with so many of us and as much information that is coming out about 
descendants I think we have a pretty good case for him and his arrival date 
in Virginia.  Did you know that Jean Grigsby hasn't been well?  I received a 
sweet note from her as she doesn't seem to feel welcome on the list these 
days.  I sure hope she feels better soon on both counts and there is noone 
who knows more than she about this nutty line of ours.  Take care I hope to 
be in Christiansburg by the 25th and as soon as we unwind I'll give you a 
call, Best of everything, Charlotte
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