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New Baby

Hi all,

Just to let you know that in Christchurch, New Zealand my Sinclair line has 
been carried into another generation through the birth of my sisters baby.

Jack Alexander Bringans 10 pounds born on July 5th.

Its hard to say if he has any Sinclair traits yet but I can assure you that 
he has a healthy set of lungs.
He will be moving to Washington D.C to live in September with is proud mummy 
and doting father (who is going to be working at the Cancer Institute after 
gaining his Doctorate here yesterday.) so part of my N.Z Sinclair direct 
line is moving off shore to the big U.S.A.

Have no fear I will fill him full of stories of his great Sinclair history 
to put him to sleep with while he is here in N.Z.

Jenny N.Z

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